Having had numerous unremarkable facials, where I’ve had a series of products all from one brand (usually expensive, but in my experience un-amazing) layered on my face by a beautician who knew little about the ingredients within the products, in either an unwelcoming clinical, or bling beauty salon setting, I figured that I could offer so much better. Using a much more personal and knowledgeable approach, my facials are results driven and include follow up skincare advice for people who are serious about skin health.

Obsessed with skincare since I was an acne ridden teenage over 20 years ago, and having been on numerous contraception pills, a stint on roaccutane and other prescribed drugs, I cleared my skin.  I did this initially through trial and error, driven by a passion for all things science, l learned about skincare ingredients and the impact good nutrition can have.  On my journey, I have built up an extensive knowledge of skincare ingredients and products. My background is in environmental science and I have developed a love for clean, natural and organic skincare. I’m not affiliated with any brands, therefore use a range of products that are naturally active and meet each of my clients’ individual skin’s needs.

My bespoke facials encourage collagen production and blood flow. They include advanced facial massage to release facial tension, whilst lifting and sculpting facial muscles, smoothing fine lines and contouring the face, leaving skin glowing and uplifted.